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Nuke and Pave install for Catalina Dropbox Computer name issues  



I'm planning on doing a nuke and pave for Catalina. So in preparation for that I have purchased a Samsung T5 SSD and have installed the beta on that drive. I plan on using CCC to clone the T5 to the internal Drive once Catalina is out of beta and I get everything works. I also have A clone of the internal disk on another HD.

So far so good. Now I'm installing the software that I use on a regular basis. I've run into an issue with Dropbox. When I first installed it the computer sharing name was "Pauls-MacBook-Pro.local" instead of the name that I have on my Mohave install. I've since changed it to match the Mohave install but Dropbox still doesn't see the new name. The problem is that I'm still on the free account with only 3 devices. I have an iPad and an iPhone also on the account and with Dropbox thinking I have 2 MBPs that is one too many  devices. I don't want to remove the Mohave computer name (device link in DB) since, I want to be able to still sync while booting into Mohave while I'm making this transition. Also my level of DB usage doesn't warrant a paid account in my mind.

I've removed all the dropbox files located in the "~/Library" folder and launched the installer again and reinstalled. Where do I look to make sure I've cleared / reset all the locations that DB is looking for the computer name? 

Any suggestions? 


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Go to your Home folder and press Shift+Command+Period to reveal invisible files. You should find a .dropbox folder that’s worth deleting before reinstalling the app.


That sort of worked. 🙂
On both Catalina and Mohave show "rMBP PMC i7" in the computer name but when I try to connect to DB it says the current session is rMBP PMC i7.local and the Mohave session is just "rMBP PMC i7" The sharing setup looks the same. At least I'm made progress.

Thanks for the hidden dropbox folder.



Sounds like Catalina is showing the network name and Mojave the computer name. Are you getting an error or does it otherwise work?


I’m still getting an error. That I have too many devices.

Wait a second. Reading back to your original inquiry, it's clear that you have four devices: iPhone, iPad, Mojave Mac, Catalina Mac. It's normal for an application installed this way to think of each OS as a separate Mac. I don't think there's any way around it.

For as long as you're testing Catalina, you could uninstall Dropbox on the Mojave side. That's the best alternative I can think of.


Thanks. I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to do that. I really appreciate your help.