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Nuke and Pave pt2 - Mail file location on disk.  



I earlier asked a question about Dropbox computer names. I've gotten past that point. And now I'm looking to "migrate" my email to the Catalina install. I have an imap gmail account and a imap iCloud account. I know I can just launch mail and it will pull down email messages on the server. Here is the issue, I often 'file' messages away in folders "on my Mac" it is my understanding that those emails are no longer on the imap server. I want to make sure I retain them.

I currently use the Apple Mail app. 

My question is: "~/Library/Mail" folder is all I need" from what I have found on the web I think this is correct. Also, are there any preference files that I should also bring over. 

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Mail is the one application that has usually convinced me it would be better to migrate instead of nuke and pave. However, you could probably just save your Mail preferences file and the contents of ~/Library/Mail/V6/MailData. You’ll find the prefs file in ~/Library/Containers/, as well as the On My Mac mailboxes. The latter you can import using Mail’s Import Mailboxes command.


Ben, is it possible to just launch mail in Catalina and import from the old mail location? And would I point it to ~/Library/Mail/V6/MailData?

Mail can import mailboxes from V6; it can't import other data files like the message index, spam filter, or signatures. That's why it's important to manually migrate the MailData folder separately.


Ben, I copied the ~/Library/Mail folder on the internal drive and replaced the same folder on the Catalina install. And launched mail. Mail showed a notification box that it was converting the database. When I looked in the mail folder Mail converted the mail converted the V6 folder to V7. I'm not currently seeing any of my on my Mac folders in mail.

Current questions:
1. What did I do wrong?
2. Can I force a rebuild of the database? I selected rebuild menu item from the mailbox menu. It didn't seem to do anything?
3. As I'm writing this the activity window in mail is downloading 10,000+ emails. Not sure what those are maybe my gmail account?

Ben you have been a great help so far. I appreciate all your help. Any additional suggestions are welcome