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[Solved] Odd Carbon Copy Cloner behavior  



I have been using CCC for years to make clone back-ups. I do it about weekly on two external, USB, 1 TB SSDIs. This has always gone without a hitch. When I went to do back-up clones today, CCC first claimed that my disks were "disk images" and could not be used. After trying each of the two CCC changed its mind and now says neither disk is "a disk image at the location of the destination disk." The 2 USB disks are Mac OS extended (journaled), while the HD in my MBP is APFS. All this was true last week when everything went smoothly. Does anyone have any ideas. I do not think any CCC updates were done but I am not 100% sure as they issue them often.



1 Answer

This received many views but no answers. So I went to Bombich software. They were great. Prompt and helpful. It seems that in my last use the volume image of the external SSD got recorded as a disk image in the backup task in CCC. So it went looking for a disk image (this was all in the logs). All I had to do was click the "x" in the upper right corner of the destination box, where it shows the destination disk. Once that cleared I chose the disk again and BINGO! All was well.