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Odd Issue with iMovie  



I'm working with someone who has migrated computers, and is having an issue with her migrated iMovie projects. It appears the projects in the current version of iMovie don't recognize the source media of the original projects. When you pull up the project it says the original source media can't be found, and to try reimporting the source media. In looking at the project the edits exist on a black film strip made of question marks. After doing some google fu I found the original media files were located inside of the iMovie Library package, and was able to pull them all back into the media section of iMovie. There doesn't appear to be a clean way to "re-link" the edits she made in the project to those particular source media files, the way you might in lightroom for instance. If you drag and drop the whole media file onto one of the edited snippets in iMovie, the whole unedited clip just gets dumped into that section. In other words, iMovie cannot intelligently re-apply the edits to the source media. Anyone know how to resolve?