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Ordering mail folders  



I have a Microsft Exchange email account (through office 365), with folders & subfolders set up.
When I look at these in MS Outlook App or online all the sub-folders are in Numerical & Alphabetical order.
But when I look in Apple Mac mail on my MBP or iMac, the ordering is totally random, messed up & driving me bonkers.

I have gone into Mail > Accounts > Disabled Account > Closed down mail & then restarted and enabled the account as I read in a support article that this solves the issue, but it doesn't 

Any further advice & ideas to try?


Andy in the UK

1 Answer

For anything related to Outlook for Mac I always defer to the wisdom of DianeOfOregon who has been an expert on this software, including Entourage, for many years. 

I see she has suggested in a post on Apple discussions that this out of order behaviour may happen because all the folders are actually sub folders of the Inbox. Might this be your circumstance?