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Organizing and managing photos on the iMac  



Like a lot of people I have a lot of digital photos – about 250 GB. While they are mostly contained on 1 Hard Dr. there are others scattered around on various backup drives. To make it even more complicated, the files contained under pictures are in many different applications and files. Some are just JPEG files, others are in Photoshop files, some are still contained in old iPhoto files, some have been converted to the new Photos app, and some remain in Aperture. It's a real mess. I have no idea when I see something in pictures if it is a duplicate or merely a hard link to earlier pictures.


I would really like to straighten this out. I do have the application power photos. I have a fairly new iMac (2017) on which I run both Catalina and Mohave. If I dump all of my photos on to a new 3.0 external spindle drive, can I form one large library under the new photos app? Then delete all the duplicates? Will 250 GB be too much to manage for one photo library? Will it be slow and boggy? Do I need to use an external SSD drive?


If you have any suggestions about how to straighten out this mess I would certainly appreciate it