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OverSight anti-spyware app .. thoughts?  



What do folks think of OverSight, from Objective-See? 

At a glance, it seems really great -- a free mac security app that alerts me when my mac camera and mic are in use. 

But, by its own admission, some malware can just bypass it, as stated in a big warning near the top of OverSight's page

As with any security tool, direct or proactive attempts to specifically bypass OverSight's protections will likely succeed. Moreover, the current version over OverSight utilizes user-mode APIs in order to monitor for audio and video events. Thus any malware that has a kernel-mode or rootkit component may be able to access the webcam and mic in an undetected manner.

So my question -- Is it better to use an app like this, which could provide a false sense of security? Is something better than nothing, and this will at least prevent some, less sophisticated malware? Or, if I don't know when it's reliable, is it better not to use it at all?