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[Solved] OWC TB2DOCK TB/Mini DisplayPort splitter?  




Got someone i am trying to help who has a USB-C MBP   and the slightly older

I was hoping to get them away from lots of cables in their MBP, currently they have a mini display cable to a monitor and a USBC to HDMI cable connected in the MBP to another monitor.   

Anyone had a mini displayport splitter (similar to or that would work via the TB2Dock?

2 Answers

I'm not sure this will work. ThunderBolt just talks over miniDisplayPort connectors, and it's possible a splitter wouldn't do what you need. 

Honestly, I'd call OWC and ask. They're good folks, and they grok their products in ways that most of the rest of us do not. They'll be able to get you a definitive answer.


Thanks Dave,

your right, now i am back into work Ive chatted to them direct via their site and they were very helpful.  Sadly its a no no.  limitations on the port they believe so YES   works perfectly but it has to be directly into the host and not daisy chained.