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password neded to delete files  



I am installing my new computer tomorrow and moving from El Capitan to Catalina. This is a 2008 machine and has a lot of fat on it and I want to cut out. How can I get the finder to stop asking me for my password every time I try and delete a file? I have already looked online and tried a bunch of different terminal commands, I have opened the “get info“ and given myself permission but nothing seems to be working.

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0 works SOMETIMES now...other times no


Are you finding that the computer requires your password to delete files located in particular folders but not those located in some other places? Instead of deleting files one by one, can you use List view and multi-select many or all of the items you want to remove so you only have to enter your password once? If you need to review the items along the way, you could tag them and then view all files with that tag to easily delete them all.

Thanks for the information. It seems to be anything in my home folder. I was doing it the way that you recommended, in list view. It was just kind of taking a long time Even that way. I know… First world problem and all that, but I just wanted to be able to delete it the old way that I used to without being questioned or having to give credentials

If your home folder is 'owned" by someone else, then this would give the behavior you are seeing. Did you, by any chance change your user name?

Here is an apple help article about changing permissions:

You could also do this relatively easily using the terminal, the "chmod" command, if you know some unix-fu.


Oops, too late. You got that new Mac already.

Assuming you performed a Time Machine Restore, did the issue migrate over to the new mac?