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Hey guys,

Does anyone have a good app to resize PDFs? I have a client who wants to resize a PDF to a specific size while maintaining image quality as best as possible. He's already tried Preview, Acrobat, and PDF Compress Expert. The latter is the best/closest tool he's found to do the job currently, but he'd like to do better.

Any takers?

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Acrobat DC is the most complete but you have to experiment with the settings to get what you want. Sure you can hit smallest file size, but that presets is just ONE option, play with the settings until you get what you're looking for.


Thanks @jefflambert670!


I use PDF Shrink by Apago Software.  Hasn't been updated in years, but still does the job for me under Mojave; I don't think it can make the jump to Catalina, however.  It has presets for common scenarios, but you can also customize a preset to your liking.


Thanks all!


Hipdf is one of the best tool for compress your PDF file. If you are looking for password protection, yes you can too find this feature here in the Hipdf software too.