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[Solved] Photos Always New  



Hi Fellow Mac-addicts!

Have this issue: each and every time i open Photos on my Mac, it shows the WHAT'S NEW IN PHOTOS/GET STARTED "splash screen".  When i click GET STARTED all is well...all my pics show in albums, etc.

I deleted the photos.plist but no change. If i make a new user, the behavior is as expected....splash screen the first time, but NOT on subsequence launch.

Also, i cannot change the Sharing & Permissions for (in Get Info). S&P shows: Everyone - Custom; system - Read&Write; wheel - Read only; and everyone - Read only.

If i try to add my admin account to the list, it errors with the message: "The operation can't be completed bcuz you don't have the necessary permission."

So, anyone have a fix for this first-world problem?


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@elliotjpb  That did it!  Thanks much!


Your permissions for the actual Photos app seem fine. I think that is how you would expect to see it thats because it is an app and not your actual library. 

You could try and reset your Home folder permissions this might help. See this Apple Support article


Tried your suggestions just now.  No change to Photos behavior.  Terminal command targets the faux Home folder on my boot SSD, which is NOT the location of my real Home folder, which is on 2nd HDD (dual-drive MacMini.  (Have done the permissions set thru the "Get Info" window on real good.)

Need Terminal command to target my real Home folder. Ideas on that?


Oh so your actual photos library is not on your boot drive?

Is the photos library set as your “System Library”? If you have it on an another internal drive it might not be.

Try going to Photos>Preferences and under General and select “Use as System Library”