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Podcasts in Catalina


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I use an iPod 5th Generation to listen to podcasts each night in bed since it is easy to fast forward, skip and pick a new podcast without looking at the screen.

Ever since I upgraded to Catalina, I have had a hard time with the new Podcast app on my Mac Mini. The “Listen Now” podcasts are not in any type of order and the sort menu is grayed out. Some are new podcasts and some are months old that I have already listened to. I can use the “Recently Updated” menu but they don’t show the length of the show or the topic.

I find this very frustrating as I will listen to some podcasts in the morning on my computer before loading the remaining new podcasts on my iPod to listen to that night. I do this so I don’t have an overwhelming number of podcasts to listen to.

I also have to use the Activity Manager to quit 2 processes (AMPDevicesAgent & AMPLibraryAgent) each day or my podcasts will all get added to each podcast. It should say automatically copy “all unplayed episodes of all podcast but once or twice a week, it will say “All episodes”. When I change it back, it say Syncing Jack’s iPod with this computer will replace media from another library on Jack’s Mac Mini.

Am I missing something to make this chore easier or am I destined to get more grey hairs each morning.

Thank you for any help you can give me.

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Can you be more specific.