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Potential iMazing issue to be aware of  



So I had a 7+ that I had been backing up with iMazing. When I upgraded to an XS Max. I did one final backup with iMazing, said a few Hail Marys, and began the migration. I went to bed and woke up to an XS Max that was a day after thanksgiving turkey carcass of the apps that I had on my 7+. Full pages of apps on my 7+ had only one or two on my XS Max. I contacted DigiDNA nd their tier one support, as all tier one supports, had only a rudimentary understanding of what I was talking about and how to fix it. They cut and pasted the standard “update iTunes, restart computer, use a different cable, blah, blah, blah”. I did need to update iTunes, but that was NOT the problem. Then after a couple other exchanges, I got to go to Tier two. H3 thought maybe the apps weren’t available in the App Store anymore, but there’s no way that many apps would not be available.

And then it hit me. In order to maximize space on my phone, I had offloaded apps to iCloud so ALL I had on my phone was the icon with the cloud next to it. There was no physical app that iMazing could backup, so it didn’t. I told this to them, and a day later I got a response that they were able to recreate the problem and weren’t aware of it so they will address it in an update. I got a free license out of it (that I can’t use cause I already have it 😝). Use ne aware of this if you’re trying to use iMazing and have apps offloaded.

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