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PowerPC no longer supported  



I am on my Mac Pro early 2008 running El Capitan. Things have been going great for it so I really haven’t had the need to replace it yet. Sadly, I keep getting messages that I cannot open an application because PowerPC applications are no longer supported. Then the icons disappear. It has been a long time since I have needed power PC applications on here. I just tried to open the Mac App Store and it did the same thing. I didn’t think that was a Power PC App. How do I stop this madness?

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Launch the Activity Monitor and look for anything in the list of apps running apps that are not intel code. I am not even sure how you got PPC code installed on an intel unless it is a plugin/extension or some partial install - who knows but …

You could also refer to the System Report (from the about this Mac found under the apple menu) and look for the "Applications" item from the side bar to learn if there is any item that is classified as non-intel code on your Mac.

Rosetta is likely not on your computer but I would have to look that up to be sure. 

Could you reply with what triggered the message, which app or which menu or whatever you think it might be, and more importantly, the version of the OS and cite the message verbatim so that I can better help you. Also, can you report back on when you first noticed the message and what changed in your software configuration which may have triggered the issue.

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I am sorry for you, guess that people here might help you.