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[Solved] Prevent app installs in MacOS Catalina?  



Hi all,

In former iterations of MacOS, I seem to recall that Parental Controls offered the ability to block the installation of new apps. With screen time, however, that seems to be reduced. 

Is anyone particularly skilled or experienced with Screen Time? I'd love to chat and get a download about it, because I often have parents wanting to set this up for their kids.


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Hello Ari

One way to limit installation to just those from Apple's App Store for Mac would be the Security and Privacy System Preferences Panel. I believe this is your best bet. Let me know if this is or is not the solution your client is looking for.


Allow Apps downloaded from App Store

If you couple this with yuanyasmine's advice your client's needs should be covered.

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What a great question!

I wish I knew more about this feature, it's one of those features the feels very Apple but sadly I am not the right person to ask. However, please do see if the following like might be a good starting point.

See if Gary has something valuable to say, he usually does,

Hope this helps.


Yes, you can. Basically if the Apple IDs are part of an iCloud Family you can set up the kid's screen time from your phone, allow or block access to certain apps, set the downtime hours, etc...
I guess that it's like when the kids request to buy something on the App Store, the organizer of the family and the other parent/guardians get a notification to approve the purchase.


@yuanyasmine thanks for the reply, however this client specifically wants to block a child from installing non-App Store apps.