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[Solved] Prevent display going to sleep during the work day  



Hi all, long time listener, first time poster!

I need to use 'Citrix Viewer' for work on my Mac (I work for banks in the UK) and i find that if my display goes to sleep Citrix Viewer disconnects, i have had this issue for years and have solved it by using Owly or Caffiene on my Mac to keep the display awake.

However, i regularly forget to disable it at the end of the day and sit back down at my desk on a Monday to find my screen has been burning away all weekend.  I have tried to just select '8 hours' but the next day i forget to enable it and when i sit back down at my desk after making a coffee the display has gone to sleep and Citrix has disconnected.

So my question is… Do any of you know of a Owly or Caffiene solution that allows me to setup a schedule (e.g. 9-5, Mon-Fri) or a tool that can automatically enable and disable Owly on that schedule?

Any help much appreciated.

On your Mac you can set the energy control panel to set your display to sleep after x amount of minutes while never putting your Mac to sleep.

The panel is different on notebook Macs than it is on desktops but you can prevent notebook computers from sleeping when the display sleeps but that may drain your battery if you are untethered from power.

You should also talk to you IT people about setting up the backend to keep sessions maintained during sleep mode. Due to my inexperience with Citrix, you could alternatively contact the folks at Citrix via their forum or their support channel to enquire if there is an option in the software that can keep the connection alive even while the Mac is asleep.

Make sure your Citrix client is fully up to date before contacting support or their forum.

I think for now your best bet is to set the energy control panel to prevent the Mac from sleeping while allowing the display to sleep independently. I am sure Citrix has a software hook to allow for an auto client reconnection process, not doing so would be truly irresponsible from an environmental perspective; it's a waste of energy (power).

Hope this helps.


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Check out Amphetamine by William Gustafson in the Mac App Store - free and pretty good config options. 


ControlPlane might also be able to do what you want.  A rule that triggers based on time, and an Action that keeps the monitor from going to sleep.


Hi @kiwigraham, thanks that looks just the ticket!  much appreciated.