Price an Upgraded iMac  



I’ve got a 2011 27” iMac. I bought it as a base model and did some upgrades to it. It started out with an i5-2500, 8GB RAM, and a 1TB 7200RPM HDD. I upgraded to an i7-2600, 32GB 1600MHz RAM (clocked at 1333MHz due to the processor), dual 512GB Sandisk SSDs running in RAID 0, and still has its SuperDrive. It’s Geekbench score is 3741 single-core and 12154 multi-core. The read/write speed averages around 950Gb/s. It’s currently running MacOS High Sierra. I’ve upgraded this as much as I could without having to get an upgraded GPU and flashing it to work with EFI. But, after Apple has released the new Mac Mini, I have my eyes set on it; especially since I want a dual 4K monitor setup. I’ve got to sell this iMac first before hand though. Does anyone have an idea what an iMac upgraded like that would be worth? I know the parts are kind of not the latest, but it’s upgraded practically to its max.


Unfortunately, what's going to drive down how much your iMac is worth is not the technical specs (which I agree are very good), but the fact that it is not upgradeable to MacOS Mojave.  That means in a couple of years it won't even get security updates and that greatly limits its' value.  Sucks, I know.


If you want to get a dollar figure, I'd recommend going to and see what they'll give you for it.


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