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Price an Upgraded iMac  



I’ve got a 2011 27” iMac. I bought it as a base model and did some upgrades to it. It started out with an i5-2500, 8GB RAM, and a 1TB 7200RPM HDD. I upgraded to an i7-2600, 32GB 1600MHz RAM (clocked at 1333MHz due to the processor), dual 512GB Sandisk SSDs running in RAID 0, and still has its SuperDrive. It’s Geekbench score is 3741 single-core and 12154 multi-core. The read/write speed averages around 950Gb/s. It’s currently running MacOS High Sierra. I’ve upgraded this as much as I could without having to get an upgraded GPU and flashing it to work with EFI. But, after Apple has released the new Mac Mini, I have my eyes set on it; especially since I want a dual 4K monitor setup. I’ve got to sell this iMac first before hand though. Does anyone have an idea what an iMac upgraded like that would be worth? I know the parts are kind of not the latest, but it’s upgraded practically to its max.

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Unfortunately, what's going to drive down how much your iMac is worth is not the technical specs (which I agree are very good), but the fact that it is not upgradeable to MacOS Mojave.  That means in a couple of years it won't even get security updates and that greatly limits its' value.  Sucks, I know.


If you want to get a dollar figure, I'd recommend going to and see what they'll give you for it.


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