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Printer issues after installing Mojave  



Since installing Mojave I cannot print. I have na Epson ET 3750. When I select print I get the spinning ball - I uninstalled and reinstalled to printer. I cannot even access printer in system settings - when i select it I get the spinning ball again.

2 Answers

First, I'd try installing a new driver, it looks like they updated it recently:

If that doesn't do it, per this article, resetting the printing system or removing the existing print drivers (at which point it should download the latest stored on Apple's servers) may help, more info here:

If you can't print from your Mac or iOS device

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Another possibility is old kernel extensions that haven’t been automatically removed by upgrade procedures. I don’t think they’re as common now but print/scan drivers used to like to add their own tweaks into the extensions library.

Check for any that mention Epson and remove them. If they are actually needed the installation process will reinstall appropriate versions.