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problem with quartz composer on macbookpro  



Problem - when I have this quartz composer app go full screen to actually have the displaying output being made to full screen as well it only displays the output of my patch in bottom left corner.  Seen here in this particular patch, but this is a common thing about all the patches for quartz composer -- so where is that setting?? I have had my new 2018 macbook pro refurb 13" for a couple of weeks and can not find that setting the video shows exactly what the problem is.. OK? in the preferences I can set screen size .. that has the output to that screen size but still the patch output is in the bottom left corner of that screen. I am using the OS Catalina 10.15.4 with the extra graphics and tools download that is on the developers site.. as a package containing quartz composer.  This video shows what I am having problems with.

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I've only dabbled with Quartz Composer years back but see if this helps.

Here is the caption that I thought might help you

The "Rendering Destination Dimensions“ works quite simple: it provides the missing, useful information about the current resolution, the patch is running on. Just plug it into i.e. billboard or sprite node - and you will always be happy with the result - no matter on what resolutionratio or hardware your patch will run on. 

Is the issue reported isolated to the single .qtz file you demo in your video or are all your qtz full screen experiences the same for any .qtx file?

Are there any default templates that you can open to test full screen playback? If not create a new composer document, make it as simple as possible just for the sake of testing full screen or duplicate the affected quartz file and begin to simplify the file by removing what you can, as you take each step in simplification take note of what your removed and test. If you find that removal of something caused full screen to work then you may have found the source of trouble. You can then investigate that one particular attribute and consider what has to be done to fix the issue.

I see connected to Video Editor you have a Psychedelic panel with a Scale attribute. Did you check if that has any influence? I think not but thought I should point it incase. I don't use this software so I might be the worst person to help.

See if anything from figure53 works,