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Purchase from Apple website vs. local shop  


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So… This is not a mean hearted post but I’m just curious. Local store versus purchasing straight from Apple. What is the advantage? Sure, you’re helping somebody out there that is passionate about Apple products. I get that. But there is zero other added value to purchasing my computer from them versus Apple. it’s either me going on the Apple website and punching in the configuration I want or it’s me telling them what configuration I want and them going into Apple and punching in the configuration. It’s all going to get to me the same way. I know, I know, I know… Support the little person. I get it. Otherwise, I don't. I don't live NEAR a dealer, so it would be a trek for me and I wouldn't be establishing a relationship. Or maybe i'm missing something. Enlighten me.

Over the years I have done all of the above.

But there are not many small shops around. Best Buy does not count.

Apple does have a 14-day return policy. If there is any chance you will be unhappy.

Other than that, buy where it works best for you.

If buying new, the Apple Refurb Store can give you a good deal, with all the benefits of new. I’ve purchased several Macs that way. One from 2007 is still running in the basement as a server.

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Every purchase I have made through Apple's online store has had sales tax added to it. Some other (non-Apple) on-line retailers may not add sales tax.

Maybe it depends on the state but many states no longer permit online purchases to exclude sales tax. Unless you can get a device tax-free, I generally recommend Apple Refurbished, which has been in front of an Apple technician, a level of quality possibly not seen straight from the factory.


New Hampshire!  And lucky me, I work in NH 😀 

But if the purchase price is above the Massachusetts limit, I do report it on my state income tax.

And yes, Apple has included state sales taxes for many years.