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Quickly Saving Attachments from  



I was wondering if anybody knew a trick to quick save an attachment from an Email in to the Downloads folder. I get a lot of Emails with attachments that I need to save locally. Currently, I need to scroll down to the end of the Email to get to the attachment, then right-click on the attachment and click on "Save to Downloads Folder".

Is there a faster way in or do I need to look at another Email client?

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Not sure if it is of much help but in the pane that holds the message there is a dividing line between the header info and the message body. When you rest the cursor on this line a set of icons appear and one of them is a dropdown for some attachment actions. 

Mail app hidden icons

Thanks that helps.


How about creating a keyboard shortcut for Mail?

Screenshot 2019 03 14 12.52.46
Screenshot 2019 03 14 12.54.22

Use option+: to make the ellipsis

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Thanks for the suggestion. It is a great idea. Didn't see the menu option.

No worries my friend...I wonder if this qualifies as a CSF?