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Re-partitioning in apfs  



Hi all, I have 2 ssd's in my MacBook Pro.  booting El Capitan from primary location and Catalina from secondary drive location.  When I formatted the ssd with Catalina I made 2 equal partitions in apfs as I wanted to experiment and run Linux from the other half.  Problem:  I can't distinguish which half of the partition contains Catalina and which is the target location for linux install as it shows identical info for both with "unknown" as used space.  Question: Can I resize one partition in a two partition drive using diskutil without affecting the other?

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I could be wrong but I would venture to say that the Linux installer you are using doesn't understand APFS, so they are not compatible.

In any event, to answer your query I will leave you with two articles by Apple support that should answer all your questions, if not come back.

Consider the following from one of the two Apple supporting articles:

Partitioning a disk divides it into individual sections, each of which acts as a separate volume.
However, with APFS, you shouldn’t partition your disk in most cases. Instead, create multiple APFS volumes within a single partition. With the flexible space management provided by APFS, you can even install another version of macOS on an APFS volume.

Partition a physical disk in Disk Utility on Mac

Add, delete, or erase APFS volumes in Disk Utility on Mac

Might also be a good read.

This was my DuckDuckGo search query "partition disk utility"

Hope this helps.