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Recent success installing El Capitan (since October)  



Anyone had any recent success installing El Capitan since October 2019 (picking that date as Apple seems to have made some changes at that point, moving to Obsolete status).

Getting a "No packages were eligible to install error" after I get as far as it projecting remaining time to install. Rest or error message is "Contract the software manufacturer for assistance. Quit the installer to reboot your computer and try again"

To compound the issue, it seems to be creating a small bootable partition that it reboots to, and after installation failure it doesn't want to reboot to the system drive, just to the installation partition.

Installation is to new, blank external drive. Trying to create a new clean OS to repurpose a 2008 Mac Pro. Also had same issue trying to create using a Mid 2013 MacBook Air.

2 Answers

My first guess is to change the system date. I had a similar issue with Mavericks several years ago. Try changing the date back to 2016 and see if the install works.


Same problem here already tried the terminal/date thing. No luck...  Any success?