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[Solved] Recording podcast direct to file  



I just bought and am running Rogue Ameba's podcasting suite of apps.  When recording, is it advisable to specify which application to use, either with the application node output or in the system preferences?

In the basic setup, there seems to be a specific record to MP3 node even though I haven't specified a recording app in the preferences.  It has a nice button to split the recording during live recording.  My objective is to have the ability to break up the podcast by chapters during live recording.  Is this the only way, but creating chapter files and then assembling in Fission in post?  From my video editing use, I would prefer one long file with chapter markers/timecodes.  In post, I would drop images at each tag as Fission lists as one of its features the ability to have pictures for chapter markers.  How do other podcasters do chaptering?

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The method you describe would certainly work just fine, and gives you the freedom to edit as you see fit.

I use Keyboard Maestro to log chapter timestamps to a file, and then import that into Auphonic when I’m finished. I wrote it up at for anyone who wants to follow along.


Big shout out to Rogue Amoeba! I returned to my audio project to learn that Loopback had a paid update. Having just bought it I was temporarily miffed until a search of my emails for the receipt turned up a message I had missed informing me of my free upgrade. Terrific software and terrific support.  Thanks for the awesome Cool Stuff!