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Remote access to a Mac from a NonMac (non windows system) system  



I would like to access my iMac while on the road. I will be using a linux system or chrome book while on the road. Do you have any suggestions? It's for personal use and security and ease of set up are my priorities. I am happy to pay for a solution.

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0 would be the easiest.  It is free for personal use, as long as you are not using it too much. 

After that it gets tricky gaining access. By that I mean opening ports in your home router, finding your home router’s IP address, or getting and maintaining a dynamic DNS name, using ssh as a secure tunnel for VNC, or establishing a home VPN server, because VNC is not a secure protocol. 


Have you looked at Chrome remote desktop? It should work from non-windows/mac to your mac and it's FREE!


Thank you for your suggestions. I tried Chrome remote desktop but have uninstalled it -> Chrome remote desktop seems to run automatically in the background on the computer being accessed, there is no way to access it once its installed. No way to turn it off. I'd prefer a program which I can turn off and on when I need to access that computer.

I had previously read about TeamViewer but was concerned that their default settings were not very secure.cI have done further research and think that if I set up an account and 2FA and white list the accessing computers it should be okay.

Have you had experience with Splashtop or Logmein?


I was using Logmein a while back but switched to other means when they removed their free option. If you want simple, I think any software will have to install something on your computer for it to be accessible anytime from remote. The fact that you want to turn it off or on is a bit weird to me since. If you KNOW you want some stuff from your Mac, then just copy it on a hard drive or Dropbox are whatever. I think I use Remote desktop to my mac because I forgot to do something on it or to copy something. So I do need to have the software always on in the background so I can connect to it. 

Another solution would be to set up a VPN, either on your mac (which you'd have to leave ON all the time) or use a router that supports VPN like a Synology router, or if you have a Synology NAS with which you can access all your home computer remotely. I think this is the safest way but it is more complicated than just using Chrome remote desktop.