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Remote Monitoring for desktops  



Is there a Multi Device Management system similar to JAMF for iOS devices that would work across platforms and allow me to monitor my small businesses users systems remotely. I want to make sure updates are complete and the system is as healthy as can be, but I haven’t found a system to monitor remotely like this. Any suggestions?

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Why not JAMF ?


This is from the front page of their website:

"Providing Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV management solutions for any business, government institution or school, at any scale."


Sorry, I wasn’t clear in my original question. I am asking about JAMF style software for Desktop computers not mobile devices. I need to be able to manage both Windows and Mac desktops. 



If I understand correctly, it is Windows that is the issue with JAMF?

Because JAMF says it can manage all Apple products (Macs, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV).

Yes. That is the issue. I really need to be able to manage the Windows desktops along with the Macs. JAMF will work for about 1/3 of my team, but not the rest.


Cisco’s Meraki System Monitor is cross-platform.




I think TeamViewer has a product in this realm as well?


Thanks Graham. I will check it out. The Citrix product is far more than I am looking for.

I don't think any of them are cheap!


That is what I am finding out. Seems to be enterprise level type stuff that I am trying to do for my small 10 person business.