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Replace Time Capsule  



Looking for a near-future router and backup replacement for a 2TB Time Capsule for use in a smallish 1590 sq ft two-story house on 1/12 acre.   What do you suggest?


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Any up-to-date WiFi router should do the job.  If you think you might move to a larger home, or if you have issues getting WiFi into all corners or out on the porch/patio, then a Mesh router.  Dave H has a very good article on Mesh routers.

For backup, I would lean towards a Synology.  Even a basic 2 drive bay model, but a 4 or 5 drive bay would be better and populate with IronWolf drives.  But that is my personal preference.


Thank you..I will look into it.


If you have only one Mac to backup, you ought to consider dropping the wifi backups, and get a USB3 external drive, plug it in, and use something like CarbonCopyCloner or SuperDuper.


I finally moved from a 2Tb Time Capsule to a two-bay Synology about six months ago.  I installed two 4Tb HDDs, in a mirrored RAID.  I only use this NAS for my backups, and run Carbon Copy Cloner on both my MacBook Pro (500 GB SSD, plus a 256 GB flash drive that lives full time in my MBP) and my wife's iMac (1TB SSD). (I also keep TimeMachine running on the iMac, backing up to a 2Tb HDD attached via USB).

So far, it's been rock solid.

Note that, since the NAS is not direct-connected to either Mac, the backups are not full clones and are not bootable.  I have used such backups in the past, though, and don't find this to be a deal breaker.


Very similar to what I use for backing up the Macbook Pro(s) in my house (different Synology), but Carbon Copy Cloner based.


Thank you...checking it out now.