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Resize Bootcamp partition?


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My new mini is a dream and I’m getting lots of enjoyment out of playing Steam games in Win 10. Maybe too much fun. I went with a minimal install of Windows and now it’s telling me it needs more room, despite the fact that the games are stored on an external drive. I’ve enabled the disk compression mode, but I guess I really need to resize the partition. Is there a non-destructive way to do this? Or must i clobber my Win partition and start over?

My only gripe about the mini is the internal HD size. It should start @ 512gb, IMO. 

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Google "boot camp resize partition" and you will find more examples

I had Googled, and found a couple of software items mentioned. But got into the weeds in Apple’s “support forum.” Thanks for the link. Sometimes despite searching you want a live human to point at something and say, “This works. The other results are just noise.”