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Restore a single contact in TimeMachine


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Just tried to restore an accidentally deleted person from Contacts and was surprised to find that it seems in Big Sur, TimeMachine no longer allows restoring of individual contacts. Was running 11.6 at the time, and thought it might be a bug, so updated to 11.6.1, but same situation. Then tried on two other Macs running 11.6.1, and found same.
Here's what I'm doing.
  • launch Contacts
  • Enter TimeMachine (shows the current Contact list)
  • choose date/time far enough back in the past
  • instead of showing what the data looked like at that moment in time, it says "No Cards"
  • every once in awhile, when I click the first date-in-the-past, it DOES show the Contact list, but never on the second choice of date/time. After that, it's always "No Cards".
In the iCloud version of Contacts, I see where you can "restore contacts" - however it seems to be only available for the entire database, not individual entries. My understanding is it replaces the entire database, but that doesn't account for other updates one may have done since the deletion.
I know I've been able to do this in the past, but no sure how many operating systems ago that was.
Anybody have any insights? Is it a Big Sur thing?  Is it an HFS+ thing?

@appleseed I can't offer any help with Big Sur, but for me anyway, restoring a single contact works in Mojave (10.14.6)--exactly as you suggest it should. It would be sad if this got messed up!

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