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Restoring from CCC Backup  



The SSD in my wife's MBP (late 2011 15", running High Sierra) died last week, and OWC sent me a new one, which I received yesterday.  I formatted it and installed a copy of High Sierra from a flash drive, then downloaded CCC and proceeded to restore from her latest backup.  We keep her backup on a Time Capsule attached to our network, as a sparsebundle file (so it's not a bootable copy).

I left the restore running overnight, checking from time to time to see if it was proceeding as expected, which it seemed to be doing.  This morning, as I was going through checking things out, I found that the restore went into a user folder "FirstNameLastName", whereas I had set up her user name when I did the OS install as "FirstMiddleLast" Name.

In the Finder, I see a folder with the House icon named "FirstMiddleLast", and one with the regular folder icon named "FirstLast".

So, now I have a user account "FirstMiddleLast", with nothing in it, and another set of folders with the top level being "FirstLast".  

I'm thinking I can set up a new user account named "FirstLast", but how would I go about pointing that to the proper files?  Would that be the right approach?  If I had set up the new user account as "FirstLast" would CCC have recognized that and put the restore under that account?

I suppose I could trash it all and start over, but I'm certain the files are all there already (based on reported disk usage), so that doesn't seem like the right approach.


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Would it really be as simple as following the steps in this article?


Yes, it is easy to point a user account at a different folder. However tou may have to also change ownership and permissions on all the files in the folder depending on what user ID has been allocated (eg. 501 vs 502)

I strongly recommend having a backup admin account that you do this manipulation from to reduce the risk of ending up with no user with a valid home folder. 

I’ve done this in the past but don’t currently have a quick reference to the web page that guided me, though I’m thinking it was an Apple support article. 


Well, I pulled the trigger.  I made the change as described in the article, and for the most part, it looks like it's going well.  The "missing" files seem to be there, with some strange exceptions - about 6 or 8 of my applications did not migrate.  I have no idea why, but I'm in the process of reinstalling them and so far it's going well.  I'll have to do some more in-depth digging to see if I'll run into any permissions issues, but so far, so good!



i always but always have a minimum of two bootable clones, currently about 6!

Recently had a corruption issue on my built in SSD. 

Simplyy booted from most recent clone and used CCC to clone the new boot drive back onto the built in SSD. 

By far the easiest and quickest restore solution there is!




I understand about the bootable backups.  I agree in theory, but since my wife and I use laptops exclusively, having an always-attached external drive is impractical, and to remember to plug one in every day or so to run CCC kind of removes the "set it and forget it" aspect of ensuring backups do take place.  

I may have to reconsider - external spinning disks are pretty inexpensive these days.  I'd just need to plug one in maybe once a week and kick off a cloning.  Can't have too many, as you say.

BTW, of the apps that did not restore, I have been able to either migrate or reinstall all except Photoshop Elements (version 9) and MS Office 2011 (well, Office loaded but would only open files read-only).  PSE Version 9 was 32 bit anyway, so I just upgraded to the current version.  Office, I have the product keys, I just haven't tried them yet.  I've done this before, so I don't expect any issues there, but that too is 32 bit, so I may just abandon Office for Apple's apps, and a free Office Suite for times I need more Office compatibility.

I have a Mac Mini, MacBook Pro and my wife has a MaBook. 

Every Saturday morning I attach an external hd which in CCC is set to start backup on drive mounting. 

Simple, straight forward, just a case of remembering to attach. 

I actually have several versions of each and rotate the drives, so in all cases I can go back 2-6 weeks depending on the criticality of the machine!


Re-remote bootable clone backups.

I think it is possible to use Carbon Copy Cloner's "Remote Macintosh" destination to create a bootable clone backup over the net.

I am actually running an experiment right now, but it will take a while to finish.

72dpi Snapshot 1

My initial observations are that it seems to be creating all the correct file system root level directories and files, but as my Macbook Pro boot disk contains 700GB and I'm doing the backup over WiFi to a basement Mac with USB2 ports, it will take a little while to complete.  At the moment my Macbook Pro is sending at 32megabytes/second.  If the transfer rates remain steady (which I'm sure it will not), it will take about 6+ hours to complete.  Tomorrow I'm driving to visit family for Christmas, and will not be back until late Christmas day, so I will not be able to tell you the rests of my experiment until then (or maybe later in the week).

NOTE:  I have been using CCC to backup to Drobo attached to a basement Mac, except using a sub-folder, so it is not bootable.  I've been doing this for my Macbook Pro, my Wife's 2 Macbook Pros and my Mom's iMac.  My Mom's iMac is 300 miles away, so I'm doing this across the internet (Secure Shell, aka ssh connections).  The basement Mac is the one running CCC.  It remotely connects to each of the Macs and pulls the backup data to it on a schedule.  This works fine when my Wife's and my Macs are in the house, and my Mom's iMac is always at her house (known network addresses to connect to).  But when on vacation, I run CCC on my Macbook Pro and push my backup to the basement Mac, as the basement Mac may not know where my Mac is, but my Mac knows where the basement Mac is.

Again, my existing network backups are just to folders on a Drobo attached to my basement Mac.

The experiment I'm currently running is to create a clone by specifying the entire destination volume (not a sub-folder).  The destination volume is a portable Toshiba USB bus powered disk.  I will try to report back if this actually results in a bootable clone created over the network.

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OK, my bootable clone via CCC "Remote Macintosh" destination worked! Yea! 😎 

The clone from my Macbook Pro to the basement Mac finished overnight, so I tested it after taking out the trash (it was trash pickup day) and before heading off to visit family.

I moved the external disk to my Macbook Pro, and I was able to BOTH select the external clone from System Preferences -> Startup Disk and reboot to the clone, as well as Boot holding the Option key and selecting the external clone as the startup disk.

Again, this Carbon Copy Clone was created for my Macbook Pro over the network to another Mac using CCC's "Remote Macintosh" destination option.  You do need to use an entire disk for the clone, so if you want multiple bootable clones, you need to have multiple individual disks attached to the destination Mac or at least rotate them.

This means a Macbook Pro user would not need to remember to attach an external disk and update their CCC clone on a regular basis.  It could just be a scheduled CCC backup that happens every night, or 3 times a day, or on whatever schedule they desire.  Basement Mac "Not Included" 😀 

And since it can happen over the internet, if you have an always-on Mac at a friends or family member's house you can have a backup there (but you must trust said friend/family member, as the backup is not encrypted, so they can see your data (not nearly as good as the old CrashPlan free backup to your own hardware service, but similar functionality)).

CCC network connections are performed over Secure Shell (ssh) encrypted connections, so they can happen across any network, including across the internet.  While not creating a bootable clone for my Mom, I do use CCC "Remote Macintosh" to backup her Mac from 300 miles away across the internet.

That’s great.  I will definitely be looking into this.  Between the two of us, we have four separate CCC backups, three of which are on separate drives. If I can break out that fourth one, this seems like an ideal solution. 


Some rally good info in this thread, I did not realise I could do a bootable backup to a remote attached disk.

i have to admit, my presence is to do clones o local drives and rotTe through a few drives.

My main reasons are, 1. Very simple to grab it and boot from it, 2. My clones are off line, so heaven forbid something nasty got onto my network/machine, I have a backup that is not connected and is fully protected!


You can still rotate drives, just do it on the destination Mac, and your Mac laptop(s) are free to be Untethered laptops. 


Point of clarification:  are you backing up to an external drive attached to a Mac?  My backup drives are daisy chained from a network attached Time Capsule. 

Does your approach require an additional Mac at the destination end with the target drive(s) attached to it?


Another Mac.  

CCC is using an rsync client to an rsync server running over an ssh transport. ssh handles the secure connection and encryption while your data is on the network. 

Time Capsule looks like an AFP or SMB file server, and as far as I know it does not do ssh nor rsync.