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Runaway CalNCService, CalendarAgent Sub-process is driving me mad.


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I've had a problem with a runaway CalendarAgent Sub-process for years now, specifically the CalNCService (which I've guessed is something to do with Notification Centre, though this may be a red herring). When it crops up, it will readily consume a singe CPU/Core's processor completely, forever (or until force-quit, though it usually reoccurs).

I've searched and tried numerous proposed fixes, which have included numerous things. I think I've stopped just short of backing up and blowing away my entire iCloud calendar and reminders databases, though I may have tried even that. Regardless, I thought I had the problem licked when I moved to a new modern, computer running Mojave. But after two blissful weeks, the issue has returned. Clearly either synced from iCloud, or inherited from my migrated machine.

Can anyone help? It's driving me mad, not being able to fix this one issue on my otherwise  mastered Mac.

New Zealand