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Safari Preferences Passwords Auto-locks too fast  



Help. I'm having issues with Safari Preferences Passwords Pane auto-locking too fast. I have it linked to my watch (which is pretty cool). I double tap the side button on the watch and the pane unlocks as expected. But then it will lock up at random short intervals,  and frequently instantaneously. This makes it difficult to impossible to interact with the pane to modify passwords and delete the many, many saved mis-typed passwords it has recorded.

Running Catalina 10.15.2. First noticed this happening after migrating from old Mac Pro 2013 (also running Catalina) to new Mac Pro 2019 (what can I say, I'm crazy). Not sure if it could be related to the hardware, the migration or some background app running. I have gone about disabling my VPN to see if that was a factor. Same result.



Happens to me too, and I don't have an Apple Watch, although I have an iPad and iPhone. The screen locks in less than 5 seconds! Very annoying as I move my logon IDs and password to a password manager.

2 Answers

This is for our security; in case you want to check your passwords for a long time on Mac screen, disconnect your Apple Watch. But then if your passwords are shown in plain text, any by-stander can watch your passwords and might misuse your digital properties.


On the nose. Disconnected watch and it works just fine. Guess the watch connection is pretty much useless if you want to manipulate passwords in Safari Prefs....Thanks.