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SATDOCK22RE mojave issue  



Anyone else use one of these or had issues with Hard Drive Duplicators?    Ive never used it to duplicate i use it to mount old HDDs for CCC & TimeMachine backups. 

its worked perfectly for over 2 years.  i had 2 drives in and both were always there and backed up no issue in El Capitan & High Sierra. Was forced to upgrade to Mojave last week when my old MacBookPro was taken ill and returned to apple for repair.  I did a full migration to a new 2019 mbp and now all i get is the back drive working (Disk Utility only ever shows 1 drive under ASMT 2115 Media), never the front slot when there are 2 drives in and even if there is only 1 drive it takes longer to boot and be seen in Disk Utility.

Not that i expected this to work but i did try to hot plug in the second and the first drive is instantly ejected with nothing now showing not even the ASMT 2115 Media controller.

Mine is eSATA to eSata via Caldigit TS3 (not the new plus).  I have tried eSata to usb-c into the caldigit & i even got another new cable usb-c to eSata and tried the doc direct.

When its directly connected via USB-c.   I can always see the hub appear under system info -> USB -> USB 3.1 -> Bus -> ASM105x . front back cobo I have tried them all and all i see is 1 of the drives appearing.

Any other ideas or places to go search?

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PS i have already seen this

Its just that it always used to work in old OS via the Caldigit and even with their basic USB C to eSATA Cable.