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Saving Disk Images (i think)


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Hello, i have some bootable USB keys with all of the mac os's on them, as well as some diag software for each, and i am wanting to back them up on an external hard drive. i'm having a pretty hard time doing this, or even figuring out how, without just buying a bunch of usb's and cloning them onto it. i would like to just make a folder, or even an iso file that i could go and save on my external hard drive. anyone have any suggestions on how to do this?

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You should be able to run Disk Utility, Specify View as Show All Devices, Select the file system, then File menu -> Image From -> file system name


That should create a disk image of the file system.


Later you could use Disk Utility to restore that disk image to an empty already formatted, but empty, partition on another external USB device if you want to boot from it again.

thats kinda what i was afraid of was that i would have to have an empty partition, i was hoping to just create a file that i could turn into a bootable file.

I’m confused about the end result you’re seeking. You can back up each volume on an external drive with Disk Utility > File > New > Image from Volume. This alone will not be bootable, but nor should it as it’s just a backup. You can always restore such an image to a drive/volume to make it usable.

Personally, I have a single 256GB flash drive with multiple partitions that I use for various startup/utility drives and ancilary storage.


You can take an external disk, and partition it into 'n' partitions, and make each partition a bootable partition with the different macOS versions you want to have.