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ScanSnap s1300 - It works flawlessly. Except for the drivers.  



I have enjoyed a ScanSnap s1300 for about 10 years. Zero problems. Still works as well as the day I first fired it up. The past year, I got a little behind on scanning. Yesterday, I set the box of papers in my office and set to it. 

And that's when I noticed that whenever I scan multiple pages or a two-sided paper, the pages are reversed or jumbled. I called ScanSnap, and of course, they tell me that they know of the issue. It's something to do with Mojave and drivers. While polite, they pretty much nudged me in the direction of buying another model - the s1300i. 


1) But the one I have is hardware perfect!

2) It'll just end up in a landfill.

3) I'm SUUUUPER broke right now. Even if I did have the cash, the s1300i has already been out for what? 5-6 years? I'll be hitting the ceiling again shortly = another scanner in a landfill. 

4) Did I mention the hardware is flawless?

Does anyone know of a way to get around this? Surely, there are other ScanSnap owners who need drivers. And I know... what to do when Catalina comes out? 


I have the same scanner working on Mojave ScanSnap Manager 6.3 L70

Doesn't look like any support for Catalina as software is 32bit. I am hoping a 3rd party might produce something or that ExactScan might work (cheaper than buying a new scanner and no landfill guilt).

Disappointed Fujitsu can't offer an upgrade - I'd have paid for it.

I would pay for a 64-bit driver. I'm disappointed in Fujitsu as well, honestly. I get that they need to make money. But think of all the scanners in landfills just because of a driver.
My 11-year old Epson photo scanner works. My 9-yr-old Brother printer works.

Yeah, if there's a coder out there who knows this stuff, I know I'd pay for a driver.

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I'm guessing that there's no fix. 

Looks like time to find an alternative to Scan Snap. Anyone switch to something else?

How did you get that driver to install?
I get:

Screen Shot 2019 10 13 at 5.02.39 PM

Apologies I actually can't remember and have now upgraded to Catalina (which will not support ScanSnap as 32bit).  I have some memory of having an older version of it and then upgrading.  Meanwhile I have had an e-mail from ExactScan saying they are developing a driver for S1300 that should be ready at some point in the next month.


@rmmclaren Really? A driver for the S1300? Whew! Thank you!!