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Security & Privacy blocked unfamiliar developer "DEVGURU co,. ltd"  



Hi All, Security & Privacy shows my a message about blocking an app from developer "DEVGURU co., ltd". I can't find any app on my Mac from that developer nor remembering installing an app from that developer. Any idea who is the developer or what apps does he develop? 

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Screen Shot 2020 02 05 at 18.09.40


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This isn't the first time I've seen a system extension listed as being from a company other than the one I expected. In my experiences, though, I've noticed this immediately after installing something, so I "knew" what it actually was and wasn't concerned.

Here it's coming up without any other temporal reference, so some caution and research is in order. Looking on the App Store, apps like TwomonUSB, TwoMon Air, and EasyCanvas are assigned to that same developer, albeit for iOS. 

Looking at's listing for DEVGURU Co., Ltd., we can see OSLinx and TwomonUSB.

I'm guessing maybe you installed the latter at some point? It also seems like is their home on the web. 

Hopefully one of those sounds familiar to you!


Thank you for the replay.

The odd thing is that none of these apps are installed on my Mac nor do I remember installing any of them.




while a lot of work to look through, you might try Applications -> Utilities -> System Information -> Software -> Applications, and Extensions, and any othe software catagory you think you might find this in.


When you select the app, it gives information about the developer.


Or try MacUpdater, and click on the (i) info icon for apps you suspect may be from the developer.

Thank you very much @datafornothinandbitsforfree

Following your advice I've found these 5 extensions under Software-->Extensions

It seems like they are used by my Samsung's external HDD.

Screen Shot 2020 02 06 at 9.18.07

Hi there - I have found 5 extensions as well, but how do I delete them? I have a MacBook Pro, and if I press delete when each are highlighted, nothing happens. I've looked online for help on this and can't find any. Can you possibly tell me?


The question is, do you really need special drivers for an external disk?

What do these kernel extension drivers do that macOS cannot do all by itself?


This might well be for a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone, not an external drive, at least based upon some quick Googling around. I could be wrong, of course, but I agree with you: why would one need a driver for an external HDD when macOS can do it?

I am "Shocked" that you might even think someone posting in these forums would own an Android phone 😀

This is interesting, I'm using an iPhone so it seems as if the HDD is the one using the drivers. Do I have a way to verify that this is really the case?


Hi guys,

This one happened to me after installing Smart Switch from Samsung. I needed to get some files from a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2016 and it was not automatically identified by MacOS 10.15. Smart Switch was suggested as a solution. Thanks to your contribution I see everything is ok.

Have a nice day!

@johel-souza Rightly so, Smart switch is a good solution. I did some efforts to identify the actual way out and you helped me in finding the right one. Many Thanks!


What do these kernel extension drivers do that macOS cannot do all by itself?


It is definitely an extension from Smart Switch from Samsung. Believe it or not, I own a Samsung Galaxy S10+ (which is amazing, btw).


I just installed the software and this extension showed up, next to another one from Samsung (very clearly stated on the name).


Hope this info is useful to you!



I have the same problem. Also the iphone does not recognize me when I connect it to the mac. How can I solve it?


Thank you and forgive for my English.