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Setting Finder window default location and size  



I'll get us started with one that drives me crazy. I want all my new Finder windows to open on my main screen and with a larger-than-normal size. I know the (old?) trick of opening a new window, setting its location and resizing it, and then closing it, but that (a) only seems to work some of the time and (b) never seems to remember location, only size (maybe). What am I missing?

As far as I can figure out, if you resize and position the window and then close it when you open a new window it should come back at that size and position. The issue is that if you move or resize that window and then close it the next new window will take on those properties. So it's sort of like a last in first out kind of thing I guess?

Thanks Adam. That's how it's supposed to work, but at least on my multi-screen High Sierra iMac, it retains the size, but NOT the new position. Drives me batty!

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You can always use Keyboard Maestro, I know you use it, so give it a try for that. you could Highjack the command+N shortcut when in Finder and make a new window to the dimension and on your main screen.


I'm so glad you mentioned this, Dave, because that USED to work for me too, and does not any longer.  The main thing giving me fits is that opening in column view it always opens with the columns way, way too narrow to see the names. 

I'm also on a multi-screen setup with two 27" monitors plus my MacBook Pro through a dock. You don't suppose that has something to do with it? 

I think you might be right about the multi-screen thing being a factor... except that I tried it on the studio iMac (which I just finally upgraded to High Sierra last night) and it works just fine. Hrm.