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Sharing an address book  



I would like to set up an address book that only has friends and family in it, so I can share it with my wife (who is notoriously bad at maintaining her own).  I created a book under "On my Mac", and tried it under iCloud, but I can't for the life of me find a way to share it with her (and my son, while I'm at it).  Googling reveals old outdated information of no use.  I can't believe this is such an unusual "ask".  
Hopefully, this could work across iPhones/iPads/Macs.

Any clues/hints?

Kenny in New Jersey

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@kennethleenj I think the best way is to probably have a separate iCloud account where you would put all those contacts and login on the same iCloud account to access those for your wife, your son and you. This would be a second account, not your main account, just to be clear. You could probably do the same thing with a Gmail account I suppose.


This is exactly what my fiancé and I have done and it works perfectly!


Thanks for your response.  I think the Gmail route might be the easiest way to go.



Just want to ask you can we create two sap-rate iCloud accounts ?


yes, that is what I was proposing in my first answer to the OP. You need 3 icloud account for two people. For exemple, one for you, one for you wife and a third where you activate contacts and that you sync as a second account on each of your devices. So you have your main account setup in iCloud and store etc,..., and you have a second account where you activate only contacts. You do the same for you wife. When you create a contact that you want to share with your wife, make sure you put it in the shared account, not your main account so it syncs for her too. And that's it.

Thanks for your tips.