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[Solved] Sharing Files between users on a Desktop Mac  



My wife and I have been sharing an account for ..... ever it seems and I finally convinced she needs a separate account and will have lots of advantages with iCloud stuff. 

We have a number of folder/files that we want to share and I know the standard is to put all of that in the /Users/Shared directory, but that's not available on iCloud drive, which is nice to be able to access on iPads, other macs, etc. 

I tried setting the permission on a folder within my Documents folder to give her read/write access, however it seems like she can't access it from the Finder. If the folder is TOSHARE and inside of my Documents folder, then from her account /Users/my_acct/Documents/TOSHARE should give her access to it.   I was wondering if this is because I needed to give her read access to /Users/my_acct/Documents, but I can't seem to do that from the Finder (get info).  

Thoughts about this or other solutions that will 1) give her access to a folder and 2) keep that folder available via my iCloud. 


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It seems like Occam’s Razor applies here.  Use Dropbox.  Super-simple, easy and if it’s just some shared files between you (e.g., <2GB) it’s free. 

I was thinking along this line anyway and good point.  This way each of us will have access via any cloud service. 


You need to grant your wife read-only access to /Users/my_acct/Documents

And just to be on the safe side, you just might want to grant your wife read-only access to your /Users/my_acct folder.

You would have to do this as my_acct and if the little padlock in the lower left corner of the Get Info dialog box is locked, you will need to click on it first.

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I just granted read access to her for /Users/my_acct, and from her account, I can now see that top level of folders. 

Back in my account ...   But when trying Get Info on the Documents folder (or the Desktop folder), the region with Sharing & Permission part is not present.  I'm guessing this may have something to do with the iCloud nature of the folder. 

I know I could try to do via the terminal, but adding a user to a folder to I thought usually meant giving group access, which I would have to make a group of two of us... and it seemed to be a lot of trouble. 

BTW, I'm still running High Sierra...