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[Solved] Sharing photos with detailed Captions  



Friend wants to share photos with captions of an album in his Photos library.  I originally suggested iCloud Photo Sharing, but he pointed out that the captions (title or description) don't transfer to the shared library.  It turns out that his captions are very detailed, in some cases an entire paragraph.  Also, the shared album seems to display these photos in random order, rather than the order they are in the album, but in this case, the order is crucial. 

The suggestion online is one by one, in reverse order, to add each photo individually, and copy/paste the title/description as a Comment, before moving onto the next photo (to preserve the order). Since there are 198 photos, this is a lot of work.

I've looked at saving this album to a "book" (either Apple's or Mimeo's, which I would later save to PDF), however, neither picks up the titles or descriptions. 

Is there some way to export this album WITH the titles or descriptions in some displayable form (other than in the get info box of each exported file) to be displayed either on the web or captured in say a PDF document?

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Turns out we had to do this the long tedious way, but the end result was pretty nice. 

What you do is start with your last photo in your local album and create a new Shared album. Copy and paste the title/description into the Comments of that photo on the shared album.  Repeat moving backwards up through the local photos, one by one.

The resulting photo page maximizes the photo and only shows the caption when mousing over it.