[Solved] Shortcut to taking Screen Shots when using macOS Mojave  



1. Search for Screen Shot using Spotlight and show all in the finder

2. Drag the into you Dock and when you click it, the app will present you with all the choices you have to capture what you need.

or you could you all the key strokes described in iMore

If you're like me simple is better  😉 


2 Answers

The Grab App is no longer available on macOS Mojave and this post was not a question but a Tip to make it easier to get screen captures using a technique I describe.

Thanks, @NicevilleSteve!


You may use the volume up and down button, and power button both, it can help you to take the screenshot very easily, but, for the different brands, there are different techniques available to take the screenshot, You can search on iPhone Overheating and type your Model number, and search your shortcut features to take the screenshots.