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Show browser window and Word or Mail at the same time?  



Since I've switched to Mojave 10.14.3 I am unable to keep my browser window and my email or Word window open on the same desktop. The screen swooshes between them. I can view Mail and Word together. I can view my calendar and Word together. But, I cannot view anything with my browser except my another browser window. I used to be able to keep everything open on the desktop and just toggle between them. How to fix?

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Do you have your browser running in Full Screen mode?

No. It's seems to swoosh between browser and everything else. I can't keep browser on desktop and open anything else.

So if you press Ctrl- to bring up Mission Control you don't see the browser in another Desktop?

I can see the browser. I can't tile the browser + another application (Word, Calendar, etc.) on the same desktop.


Hmm, it certainly sounds like full screen mode, but... that mode wouldn't allow overlapping browser windows either, so it does sound like a setting somewhere has gotten corrupted.

If you've recently done the upgrade/update it might be worth doing a Safe Mode restart (or Onyx cleanup) to clear out caches and "cruft". (I'm assuming you've already tried a normal reboot?)

Otherwise try flipping the browser into and out of full screen mode.

Also, are you running any 3rd party software for managing window arrangements - like Moom?

I've tried restarting. I'm not running any third party software. It's really bizarre that I cannot get my any browser -- chrome or safari -- to stick to my desktop when I open something else. Any other ideas?


Sounds like you might have your browser set to open in its own desktop. Opt-click on the browser icon in the task bar and see what it says under options.

Assign to: This desktop, all desktops, none. If it isn't already, change it to none.

Screen Shot 2019 03 22 at 12.38.29 PM

Thanks...actually that was the problem...but, it was already assigned to none. I changed to all desktops and that fixed it!