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Signature formatting not retained after update to Mojave  



My assistant worked with someone who said she'd lost the formatting in her signature in Mail after upgrading to Mojave. I reached out to follow up and this was her reply:

So, Chris was miraculously able to solve the problem within 15 minutes.  Unfortunately, the problem returned.  I worked with a tech at apple over the phone and after 1 hour, that person had not made the same progress that Chris had.  She escalated the problem to a more senior person who did solve the problem in about 15 minutes.  HOWEVER, the problem has since returned!  Luckily, that senior tech provide his contact info and said I could reach out to him directly, which I will be doing.
What is the problem?
My signature below is how I would like it to read:
Carly J. Ebenstein, CPCC
[email protected]
Instagram: carly_ebenstein

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Unfortunately, with the update to Mohave, it does not stick and reverts to plain text.  With Mohave, I now need to select my signature each time and when I do, it reverts.  So, I need to bold the Subscribe line and bold, change color and italicize the Regain line, each time.  Super annoying, but clearly a bigger issue.