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Similar/duplicate files  



Hi all

I have a fairly large music collection.

In finder there are no duplicate folders but within a lot of the folders there are 'duplicate' songs. They are duplicates but the names are different, I presume something happened when I moved my music folder to a NAS then got Music to organise things. Any ideas how to find and then then delete the 'duplicates' with different names. Heres an example . Any hints would be gratefully received.:)

Screenshot 2020 03 26 at 13.42.39
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If you’re using iTunes/Music to manage your collection, you might want to try using its rudimentary duplicate detection to review and delete duplicates.


Hi, oh yeh thank you 🙂

I tried that but it only detects duplicates but they need to have the same filename as far as I can see.

I suppose I need something that looks at the contents of the file rather than the name. I think I might have an impossible problem 🙂

But thanks anyway


I have had countless issues with iTunes over the years with duplicates, deleting wrong files, losing files, mislabeling, art, etc. etc.

1. Make a back up of your current issues with these files.

2. Click on both files and see where there location is, perhaps the x.1.mp4 files are all in one folder and were made when you did your NAS deal. If that is the case you can choose the whole batch and delete them.  If you get the greyed out question mark in iTunes, simple drop the music files that are left back into your app.

3. click keep music organized.


That is a first glance easy option.