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Simplest VPN solution to tunnel into your own network?  



I'm supporting a client who wants to work from home. At work she has Filemaker and AccountEdge servers running on a Yosemite machine that allows people in the LAN to access those data files. Tried installing OSX Server on the Yosemite machine to allow her to VPN there seem to be port forwarding issues that are coming up in conjunction with their Airport. What's the next easiest VPN solution so she can tunnel in to her network and have access to the files in their LAN? A 3rd party solution would be great.


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If they're (still) using "Back to My Mac" that will interfere with any L2TP VPNs because BTTM will completely take over UDP port 500. So it's possible that was the issue with OS X Server's VPN.

Honestly, in that scenario, that's what I'd use. It's pretty easy to setup and configure, and you've already got the required hardware and software. Other than that, Synology's VPN server is also pretty straightforward, either in their DiskStations or routers.