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[Solved] Slow To Wake  



 I have a 5K iMac. Lately, it is taking as much as 15 seconds to wake from sleep. I know that this is not a big deal-but it is a rather long time when you’re waiting for it to power on. It never used to take this long-is there any setting I could tweak to make the wake up time 3 seconds like it used to be? 

2 Answers

A) Do you have anything plugged into the data ports on the back of the iMac?  If you unplug them does that speed up the process?

B) Have you rebooted recently?  Not just put it to sleep, but Apple menu -> Restart...

If A & B above does not improve wake from sleep, can you do a test,  Boot into Safe mode < > (Safe mode will be slower to boot, and you may see screen flicker).  Now see if Wake from Sleep is faster.  If it is, then this would imply a 3rd party addition (kernel extension, launch agent, launch daemon or startup item that is interfering)

I would not consider a solution where you have to unplug something and/or change the way you use your mac.

Diagnostic testing is not a solution, but a way to figure out where the problem might live.


I cannot see the user's computer, so I have to make suggestions like a blind man using a cane.


I also do not restart often, but I'm also not having the issues mentioned above.


If you have better diagnostic steps, and/or a solution, please offer them to ttibsen


Come to think of it no - I haven't rebooted and doing the Restart from the Apple Menu did the trick. Glad I didn't have to resort to the more arcane methods suggested. Thanks so much for the hint!