[Solved] SSD Formatting For Mojave  



If I try installing the Mojave update from the App Store (now running High Sierra) onto my internal SSD which is now formatted as OS Extended Journaled what will happen?

3 Answers

Hi. Yes Mojave will convert your SSD to APFS. 

- Improved journaling to prevent data corruption in the even of power loss.
- Stronger encryption
- Space sharing between volumes
- Snapshots (Time machine)
- Fast Directory Sizing
Improved file system fundamentals


I'm fairly sure it will convert your boot file system to APFS, but I've delayed upgrading to Mojave, so I do not have 1st hand experience, just what I read on the internet.


Just to add something here that we've discussed in the show: generally-speaking, APFS is slightly slower than HFS+ in terms of raw throughput. This is not a bug, and it generally part of the design of the filesystem. 

It's still likely a better option for most of us with SSDs as boot disks, but just figured I'd mention it.