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[Solved] Steps to retire an old Time Machine.


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Hello, could someone give me advise on erasing the data on an old Time Machine that I have replaced ?  So that I can give to recycling without worry of data being retrieved.

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I would encrypt the Time Machine backup, then reformat the disk, thus destroying the encryption key so that your data is not accessible anymore.  This will most likely take a while to happen, but it is a way to ensure your data is no longer visible to anyone once you retire that device.

See the following Time Machine FAQ:

Thank you so much for the reply.  I'll be able to do that. Then, no worries.      


Assuming that you mean a "Time Capsule" my thinking is that removing the hard drive and physically destroying it is going to be the easiest way. Performing any sort of secure erase via the network interface to the Time Capsule is likely to take a very very long time.