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Strange Fan Issues  


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I am currently using a mid 2017 MacBook Pro (no Touch Bar),2.3 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5. There are almost no issues regularly using the internet and almost every program I have The issue I am having is when using a Poker App called "pokerist"-- I notice that sometimes and not always my fan will kick into maximum speed and my CPU and GPU will be heating up while using this software in conjunction with Youtube. I dont see how the program would be too taxing on my system, but maybe there is something I'm missing as this problem only happens every so often.


Let me know if anyone knows a way to minimize the impact that certain programs might have on my MacBook Pro.





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Launch Applications -> Utilities -> Activity Monitor -> View -> All Processes and watch the CPU usage.


Also Activity Monitor -> Window -> CPU History and GPU History to see if this is CPU or GPU intensive.


Since you mentioned YouTube, that would use the GPU, and a Poker app, I'm assuming it simulates playing cards, so it too might be GPU intensive. Combine the 2 and it might be your GPU that is generating all the heat.