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Switching between 2 workstations sharing 1 display  



Hi all,


Any ideas on the most elegant way to work this?

I'm supporting someone who's got two newer 15" MBPs but room for only 1 display on his desk, and trying to swap between the laptops seamlessly. They are both in clamshell mode. Ideally the active machine would be able to connect to:

  • display
  • keyboard 
  • mouse
  • webcam
  • speakers or headphones

I recommended this KVM switch, and wondering if anyone with direct experience has a better solution?

IMG 20200508 095903


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I'm sure it is not what the customer wants, but what I do is Screen Share from the system with the monitor to the 2nd system.  That way I always have both systems available, and Screen Sharing makes copy & paste between the 2 systems, including dragging and dropping files between the 2 systems easy.

HOWEVER, the 2nd system screen size is just what the screen size is, unless you play games with some of the 3rd party utilities to adjust the 2nd Macbook Pro's screen so it is much bigger.



Display Menu:



I've used RDM to make a 24" 1080p monitor look like it was HUGE.  You could not read the font on the real monitor, but if you Screen Share that display on another display that has the pixels to properly display it, it should be workable.

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Here's an example of a USB-C switch.


Just so you know, I just did an experiment using RDM

To set a 2017 13" Macbook Pro to 3360x2100.

From my other Mac, which has a 32" 4K monitor attached, I initiated Screen Sharing to the 13" Macbook Pro and was able to place the Screen Sharing window in the 32" monitor and fill the display.

Now looking at the real 13" Mac's display using that very high resolution it had very tiny fonts and such, but when seen via Screen Sharing on the 32" display it looks perfectly OK and very usable.  Lots of screen real estate.

This is a zero-cost option, and something you can explore today.